Lightroom editing to match your portfolio, sneak peek files or preset for all your genres! The perfect way for you to get back more time in your personal life or free up more shooting time!

What's Included:

Lightroom Preset Application

Cropping and Straightening

White Balance, Tint & HSL Adjustments

Exposure, Highlight & Shadow Adjustments etc.

Basic Spot Removal

Basic Gradients & Masking

Noise Reduction (manual)

All images are individually edited, rather than batch edited.

Isobel and Isaac's wedding photo, photo editing by Shikita Edits


I know how important it is to pick all of the best photos without overwhelming the client with too many choices. Let me take care of the culling part of your process so you can get more of your time back!


Kate and George's wedding photo,  photo editing by Shikita Edits


All prices in NZD.

under 100 files ........................ $50

101 - 200 files ........................ $100

201 - 400 files ........................ $200

401 - 600 files ........................ $300

601 - 800 files ........................ $350

801 - 1000 files ...................... $400

1001 - 1200 files ..................... $450

1201 - 1400 files ..................... $500

1401 - 1600 files ..................... $550

1601 - 1800 files ..................... $600

1801 - 2000 files ..................... $650

Isobel and Isaac wedding photo, photo editing by Shikita Edits


All prices in NZD.

Catalogs up to 1000 images....................... $50

Catalogs between 1001-2500 images........ $100

Catalogs between 2501-3500 images........ $150

Catalogs between 3501-5000 images........ $200

Catalogs between 5001-7000 images........ $300

For catalogs over 7000 images,

please get in touch for a quote and availability.

Check out the currency converter here!


All editing spots are scheduled into my calender based on the dates provided to me during the booking process. When booking, please let me know the date you will have the catalog ready for editing. All files need to be sent to me within 7 days of the date you provided, or a $50 late fee will be charged. To avoid any late fees, please give yourself enough time to cull and edit your sneak peeks!

Current Availability

Here is my current editing schedule for the next 8 months! Worried you might miss out on an editing spot? You can book your jobs in advance!

Current turnaround time is up to 20 business days.


/ MARCH '24


/ APRIL '24


/ MAY '24


/ JUNE '24


/ JULY '24


/ AUGUST '24






check out the HOW TO GUIDE for more detailed info!

create catalog

Once you've shot your job, you just create your Lightroom Classic Catalog and build your smart previews. If you are going to do your own cull, complete this before sending me your job.

edit your sneak peeks

I'll use these sneak peeks as a guide for editing the rest of the job, so that everything matches your style!

send your job through

Simply grab your LR Catalog files, ZIP them and upload your folder to the Google Drive folder I provide you!

check and export photos

When editing is complete, your LR catalog will be sent back to you via Google Drive. Download this, have a look at the edits, and then hit Export!


What would you like to know?

What adjustments are done to my images?

Generally I'll apply the following adjustments depending on the image requirements: Lightroom Preset Application, Cropping and Straightening, White Balance, tint & HSL Adjustments, Exposure, Highlight & Shadow Adjustments, gradients and masking, noise reduction, basic spot removal using LR tools - within reason.

How long does it take?

Editing and culling turn-around times can vary depending on current demand and the size of your job. Currently, turn-around times are 20 business days from the date I receive all files + payment.

Is there anything you won't do?

All image editing is only done in Lightroom Classic. Photoshop retouching and additional editing such as head swaps is not included. Advanced skin retouching and spot removal in Lightroom is not included.

Can you work with multiple presets?

Yes absolutely, I simply need you to send me the presets you want used. Please ensure that you include clear instructions that explain what presets you prefer used in the different parts of the job. Loom is a great tool where you can screen record your catalog and have visual instructions to send me.

What if I want black and white copies?

If you require a rough percentage of images to be in black and white or have certain instructions as to which images you would black and white, make sure to include these in your instructions. Again Loom is a great tool for providing this. If you require a complete set of duplicate black and whites, please get in touch for a quote.

How do I send you my files?

You only need to send me the files for your Lightroom catalog - no RAWs. When you create your catalog just make sure to build the smart previews for ALL images. To send and receive your catalog files I provide you with your own Google Drive folder (on my account).

Can you match my style?

Absolutely! You will be sent a questionnaire with each job to gather as much info about your style and vision for the photos! Additionally, you are encouraged to share your portfolio and online galleries with me, and you will also edit your sneak peeks before you send the catalog to me!

Where are you based?

Currently in Waikato, New Zealand.

Can I book jobs in advance?

Absolutely! Booking jobs in advance secures your spot, and means that you won't miss out on a spot!

I'm not based in New Zealand, can I still use your services?

Yes! Just let me know where you are based when you get in touch.

What is the late fee?

I book editing slots according to the dates provided to me during the booking process. To ensure that no jobs overlap due to files being sent late, a late fee of $50 has been introduced.

Do you do trial edits?

Yes, I am happy to do a trial edit for you before you commit to anything. I will edit up to 10 images from a sample catalog. If you would like to organise a trial, please reach out!

What version of Lightroom do you use?

I use the most up to date version of Lightroom Classic.

What currency are your prices?

All pricing is in NZD.

What's the difference between AI and a private editor?

Nothing beats the human eye. When you work with me, we will work together to get your catalogs to the point where you don't have to make changes (except for the odd head swap on the family photos). Although AI can be cheaper upfront, the time you'll spend checking and changing the edits costs you money. Instead of you having to re-edit everything the AI did, you'll have the time to go out and shoot another job, making you more money!

Do I have to send you the RAW files?

No, I only require the Lightroom catalog, smart preview and related files. These are best sent through as a ZIP folder.

What happens if I don't like the editing?

Editing and culling is very much an individual preference. It's really important during the consult process that you are clear in your instructions and your vision for your job. A great way to ensure you'll love your edit from me is to do a sample edit or sneak peek from each lighting scenario or location so I can see your vision for the job. If there is a serious problem in the final job, we will go through a process to get these fixed for you.

Are there specific genres you edit?

I can edit any of your outdoor photoshoots and weddings as well as in home sessions that you would normally edit in Lightroom. I don't offer Photoshop editing or headshot retouching.

How do I pay?

When you're ready to book in a job, you'll be sent an invoice to pay either via bank transfer or credit/debit card. Work does not start until your payment has been received.

Can you help me refine my editing style?

Yes, absolutely! If you aren't sure about your editing style and want to make some changes, I can help you find your dream style during a mentoring session!

Is it possible to get a rush job?

If you require a rush edit, just let me know the date and time you need your catalog back when enquiring. There may be a rush fee if this is outside of my usual time frames, and all editing jobs are subject to availability.

Can you do my sneak peeks?

Unfortunately no. It's a great idea if you do these prior to sending me the gallery. This way I can see what you have in mind for the job.


Black and white image of a couple hugging each other

"I quite literally would not be able to get through the wedding season without this girl. Not only does she edit my work she culls my work and saves me so much time! I cannot recommend her enough!"

Haley Adele Photography



Wedding couple walking along the beach
Couple running down beach laughing
Wedding couple smiling at each other in a corn field
Woman holding her belly during a sunset maternity photoshoot
Black and white photo of wedding couple kissing on beach
Smiling couple on rooftop with sun setting in the background
Couple smiling and hugging during couple photoshoot
Bride and groom celebrating as they down the aisle
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